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Tereza Dvořáková

22. 10. 2020 | Rozhovory

Deelaruze: Street art is for me the most beautiful way of activism

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Kamila Plachetkova

Autorka: Kamila

In today’s interview, I would like to introduce to you street artist Dana aka Deelaruze. She was born in Slovakia, in Banska Bystrica and now living in London for 16 years.

What made you leave your homeland? Why London?

To be honest it was very spontaneous. I love my country but I felt I need to spread my wings. I decided, told my family and in 3 weeks I landed in London which is the mecca of street art and art generally.

What was your journey which brought you to street art? And how Deelaruze name came up?

When I was a child, my favourite subject was art and drawings. I grew up on 90’ Hip hop, I was part of a dance workshop, I loved breakdance, a street style which goes hand in hand with graffiti and street art. Art for me is expressing myself, my feelings, but the message behind the art is most important.

Street art is the way how you can reach the biggest audience of people, naturally and for free. Street art is for everyone. For me, it’s the most beautiful way of activism. It’s my freedom.

Name Deelaruze happened by accident and as a wordplay. Dee, like my name, De La like a reference to old school hip hop band De La Soul. “Ruze” in Slovakian means roses, but phonetically in English is “ruz”, which is lipstick and that is my basic.

You are a member of movement Street Art Against Hate. Can you tell us more about it?

Project Street Art Against Hate was founded in October 2018 in Cologne by 8 street artists. They had an idea of uniting artists through art by creating a website and logo, which now became base for design by more than 1000 street artists around the world. The message of this movement is very simple and so important: street art against hate, against racism, against homophobia and hate in any form.

 My art is about unity, about love and peace, about saving our planet Earth and I felt this project is very close to my heart and I want to be part of it.

Street Art Against Hate just published the book, where you can find my design.

“For me, art is an expression of myself, my feelings, but the message behind art is the most important thing. “

You are known as an artist who uses her art in the fight against hate. Did you experience something in your life which made you focus on this?

I think that most of us experienced hate in some form at some point in our lives, especially if we look different than other people, or we have different skin colour or religion, or we are from the country which other person doesn’t know anything about. We should be actively talking about these stereotypes, about things which are really important and we should learn more about the history of mankind as a whole. We should open our eyes and hearts.

Who is in your opinion ‘King of street art’?

My top guy in the street art world is Shepard Fairey (Andre the Giant, Obey). His art, activism and everything he does is the real meaning of street art. I had the opportunity to work for his clothing brand and discover more about him and his message. I also met him personally when he was painting the wall in East London.

American street art magazine PEEL which will be coming out soon dedicated latest issue as a tribute to Shepard’s first sticker Andre the Giant, which became his logo. Street artists had the opportunity to create their own sticker based on this image. Mine also made it in.

From street art crew I would like to mention as my inspiration 1UP One United Power, guys from Berlin, they are wild and extreme.
Also Broken Fingaz Crew from Haifa. Their stuff is unbelievable with amazing details and message.
Also cities Berlin and Haifa are very close to me.

Where we can see your art? Do you also exhibit?

I did have few exhibitions in the past, also my own Deelaruze exhibit, but I prefer to be part of showcase with more artists, where I can make connections and possible collaborations. I also donated my art a few times for good cause, for example, Nasty Women, a project about domestic violence against women.

I was many times part of live paintings when my friend’s DJs playing and I draw live. It’s an amazing energy and I love the interaction with people this way.

Last 2 years I focus more on stickers, which are quick and effective when you are on the street (laugh). I love the vibe in the street art community too, artists often swapping stickers between each other. When I visit a new country/city/street, my art will definitely stay there.

Now I found a new passion for customising trainers too, so the art can walk anywhere.

What you would like to say to our readers in the end?

Find your passion and feed it. Find people who believe in you and will support you in your crazy ideas and who will set you on fire. Find meaning in your passion which can change somebody’s life for better.

Peace & Love

“Find a message that will change other people’s lives for the better.”



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